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Families Making the Difference


We utilize the “family” as the core therapeutic environment for children and all family members.

We value partnering with families and communities in developing services, treatment planning, and evaluating service outcomes.

Our commitment is to safety, well-being, and permanency for all children, and typically reunifying a child with their own family.

Our high standards, clear policies, and best practices ensure that each child and family receives quality service.

The best interest of all family members can be realized by valuing and promoting a partnership with families within a culturally diverse environment rich in integrity, respect, and dignity.

PATH will share their best practices in serving families within the professions.


PATH is a private non-profit child and family services agency. The agency has roots starting in1972 in Minnesota extended into North Dakota in 1994 when blended with the North Dakota Therapeutic Foster Care program. PATH services are provided throughout North Dakota, Minnesota and Idaho.

PATH is licensed as a child placing agency by: the North Dakota Department of Human Services, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Minnesota Department of Human Services and accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Services to Children and Families (COA).

PATH has grown and developed an array of family services including: Treatment Foster Care (TFC), Family Support and Family Based Services(FS), Transition and Assessment Program (TAP), Family & Individual Resolution-Focused Services & Treatment (FIRST), Independent Living, Adults Adopting Special Kids, High Fidelity Wraparound, Community Assisted Recovery Environment (CARE), Supervised Alternative Family Environment (SAFE), Case Aide and Parent Support (CAPS), Adoption, Long term foster Care, Guardianship, Continuing Education and Job Training (CEJT), Foster Care, Special Needs Foster Care, Assessment, and Shelter Care, Adoption, and Counseling. PATH continues to search for other areas in the nation where our agency resources may assist in service provision.

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