Family & Individual Resolution-Focused Services & Treatment

A PATH Family-Focused Approach

Family & Individual Resolution-Focused Services & Treatment

FIRST involves the child’s family in the Treatment Foster Care placement needs of their child.

Family is included in the pre-placement planning to discuss roles, responsibilities and services. The relationship between the child’s parents and foster parents is nurtured and developed to better serve the child and family. Monitored interactions, mentoring, parent coaching, and family therapy are services designed to meet the specific needs of the family to reach successful outcomes.

Services are provided as requested by the Child and Family Team.

Service Philosophy

To effectively support the relationships between family members, it is important to partner with families; to recognize strengths, provide coaching and mentoring in a culturally respectful manner and work together toward solutions.

The goal of the service is to utilize these values in establishing the best permanent option for children.

Service Components

  • Pre-placement meetings
  • Parent education and support
  • Individual and family therapy
  • Parent coaching
  • Nurtured Heart training and instruction
  • Monitor interactions
  • Transition services


  • Strengths are identified and utilized as the basis for all work with children and families.
  • Services are family centered with the family included as a partner in working with their children.
  • Services are provided through a systems based approach.
  • Services are solution focused.
  • Culture is actively explored with the family as a source for strengths and solutions.
  • Children develop best in healthy family environments.
  • Children’s families are valued as partners in treatment and care.
  • A parent is a child’s greatest gift.
  • Diversity is respected and embraced.


  • Strengthen family interactions and relationships
  • Establishing permanency for the child
  • Create a safe, nurturing environment for all family members
  • Enhance parenting skills

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