Family Support

The Family Support Program (FSP) offers voluntary community based treatment utilizing the WRAP Around team process to prevent out of home placement. Specially trained licensed PATH Foster Parents provide mentoring services to the family and also provide relief care for up to 6 nights a month.

Purpose of the Program

  • Increase family’s ability to cope with behavioral and mental health challenges
  • Increase formal / informal supports
  • Develop workable / usable support plan
  • Support best possible connection between child/family
  • Respond to individual and family needs
  • Mentoring parents / children
  • Reduction in disruptive behaviors potentially leading to more restrictive care or services
  • Up to six nights of relief care per month.

Program Goal

  • Stabilizing the child’s and their family’s mental health
  • Improving behaviors
  • Providing support while increasing the child’s and their family’s ability to cope with mental health challenges
  • Maintain child in the home

Therapeutic Supports

The support parents will be licensed family homes with significant training and support. A key element in successfully supporting a child in their home is matching the family’s and child’s needs with the unique strengths of the PATH Family Support staff and families.

Referral and Eligibility Guidelines

  • Be between the ages of 0-18 years
  • Mental health diagnosis
  • Prior out of home placement(s) or risk of out of home care in a higher level of care
  • Eligibility with: Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of North Dakota, BCBS Federal, BCBS Healthy Steps or North Dakota Medical Assistance.

*Referrals can be made by completing a North Dakota Universal Application and contacting the local PATH office.

Contact PATH for more information