Other Programs


Available in Fargo, ND only.

CARE is a short term community based program provided in collaboration with Southeast Human Services for youth at risk of being placed at more restrictive levels of care due to their active use of substances and risk of relapse.


Available in Fargo, ND only.

This program, in collaboration with Southeast Human Services, provides crisis stabilization services to children in the midst of major mental health crisis while maintaining them in the community. These services are specified in the child’s care plan and in their safety plan.


Available in Fargo, ND only.

CAPS is provided in collaboration with Southeast Human Services to provide case aide and parent support services to youth struggling with serious emotional disturbances and their families to assist with maintaining the youth in their home and community.

Stepping Stones to Success

There are few resources for foster youth to turn to when they are ready to leave foster care.

Foster parents contribute tremendous amounts of love, time and money but are not always able to help with the financial burden of moving on (as your parents may have helped you).
PATH’s Stepping Stones to Success helps alleviate some of the costs associated with transitioning to living independently by providing youth with funds for necessities that are not able to be funded elsewhere.
PATH youth leaving foster care and getting ready to move into independent living can apply to the Stepping Stones to Success program.

Stepping Stones can attain things like:

  • Renter’s deposit
  • Textbooks
  • Tuition assistance
  • Home furnishings
  • Housewares
  • Career development
  • Assistance
  • Transportation Services

Each youth in our program can request up to $350 during their time in the program.

Special Needs

PATH’s Special Needs Program for foster youth provides assistance to youth in PATH to cover costs not covered by any other sources.

While our foster parents contribute more than anyone will ever know, they cannot do it alone.

In any given year, the demand for these funds is two to three times the amount we are able to meet.

$200 Can Pay for Summer camp

$100 Can purchase a bike and helmet

$50 Can give a child a backpack full of school supplies

$35 Can provide a child an afterschool program

A Child in Need

“Emile” was 13 when his father pushed him down the stairs in his home. As a result he lost the majority of his upper teeth. When his foster parent took him to the dentist to have them fixed, he was told that part of the procedure was not covered under his medical assistance and was considered cosmetic.

You can imagine how difficult this would be under any circumstance. But imagine this child is in the midst of his teenage years and living in foster care. And due to a lack of resources, he could not get his teeth fixed.

It’s times like these we turn to our Special Needs Program to provide financial assistance to youth in PATH’s care. The Special Needs Program addresses the needs of PATH youth to support their healthy development.

Emile could turn to this program and get help to fix his smile.

The program can help cover the costs of things such as:

  • Musical instruments
  • Field trips
  • Sports equipment and fees
  • Driver’s education class
  • Summer camp
  • Bikes
  • Activity fees
  • School expenses
  • After school activities
  • Graduation costs
  • Uncovered medical costs
  • Welcome Basket
  • How Can you help?

Welcome Basket

PATH continuously seeks groups or individuals to help by sponsoring a “Welcome Basket” for a foster youth moving into independent living.

What does it mean to sponsor a youth’s “Welcome Basket”?

At any given time a youth will turn 18 and no longer be eligible for foster care services. A large number of these youth leave care in the spring and the summer months. To help with their transition into independent living, PATH has developed a project that seeks “sponsors” to fill laundry baskets with basic household items a young person needs as they move out on their own and are welcomed to adulthood. We are looking for organizations, churches, civic groups, corporations or individuals in our communities to fill a laundry basket.

What Can I Put in the Basket?

  • Silverware Dishes and drinking glasses
  • Pots and pans
  • Toaster
  • Baking dishes
  • Storage containers
  • Spatula and a colander
  • Pizza pan and pizza cutter
  • Towels (bath & kitchen)
  • Pillow
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Laundry supplies
  • Shower curtain and rings
  • Gift card(s) – grocery, department store, etc
  • (New items only please)

Please help by making a gift