WRAP Around Case Management

WRAP Around Case Management and Family Support services are coordinated with children and their families, through a team of professional and community supports.

PATH works to keep children in their homes and communities. Through WRAP Around Case Management and Family Support, PATH also helps youth quickly transition from residential treatment and mental health facilities while ensuring the best outcomes.

PATH Family Support parents are licensed treatment providers with significant training, education and life experiences. A key element in successfully supporting a child is ensuring the PATH family’s strengths meet the child’s and family’s needs.

WRAP Around Case Management is an evidenced based program that allows flexible real time responsiveness to a child’s and family’s needs.

WRAP Around Case Management Services

Family Partnerships

Families are full and equal partners in all aspects of planning, delivery, management and evaluation.

Team Based Approach

The WRAP Around team consists of professionals and individuals committed to the family through support and service relationships.

Informal Supports

Partnering with informal supports and families helps bridge the complexity of multiple mental health and child welfare related family challenges.


Collaboration between systems and team members is critical in building and delivering effective services.

Community-Based Services

Resources and supports, both in and out of the family, are utilized for solutions.

Culturally Competent

Each family is culturally unique and diversity is valued and respected.

Individualized Services

Services fit around the family’s needs verses the family fitting into the service plans.

Strengths Based

The WRAP Around process identifies, enhances and builds the assets of child and their family.


Despite challenges, the team works to meet the goals outlined in the WRAP Around plan until services are no longer required.

Outcome Based

The WRAP Around team utilizes evidence based strategies to ensure measurable outcomes are successfully met.

Professionals at PATH were instrumental in developing the WRAP Around and Family Based Models currently used in North Dakota.

More than 100 PATH professionals provide extensive children and family support in all areas of North Dakota.

PATH Family Support

PATH works with youth and families utilizing the WRAP Around Team process. For more than 15 years, PATH has provided evidenced based services and supports to children and families in North Dakota. These services include:

  • Case Management
  • assessments
  • treatment planning and coordination
  • relief care
  • parent-to-parent mentoring
  • 24-hour availability
  • crisis planning and intervention
  • emergency beds
  • community-based resource planning
  • family reunification
  • specialized adoption

Goals for children with multiple needs have included stabilization of mental health symptoms, behaviors and establishing family supports.

The ultimate goal is to eliminate risks and preserve the family. Overall family functioning is improved by promoting strengths and enhancing skills through evidence based practices

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