My husband and I have been doing foster care with Path for 10+ years. We have had many children in our home and have developed an extended family that we cherish. Our Path experience has been wonderful! The Social Workers we have had have been mentors and are truly supportive of what we do. – View Full Testimonial

"As an ex foster child who was a part of path from the age of 9-18 great foster homes are hard to find. please open your hearts and your homes to these kids in need. like i said i was one of them too and finding a person who cares is the most important thing to them." – View Full Testimonial

"This is an amazing program! My son goes to a PATH home one night a week and one weekend a month. It has allowed him to stay in home and not be taken out of our home. It has helped both of us tremendously. If my sons needs weren't as extreme, I would totally be doing it!" – View Full Testimonial

North Dakota's Chafee Independent Living Program (ILP) assists youth age 16-21 that have been placed in the custody of the county or state and/or youth that age out of care. When a foster youth ages out of care (turns 18 while in care) they face numerous life challenges, oftentimes without permanent supportive relationships. – View Full Testimonial

“The PATH Program is magnificent. As a PATH foster family we are constantly supported to provide quality care to our foster children. I am so grateful we discovered them.” – View Full Testimonial

“So proud to be part of this agency!!! I am proud to say that I work for them!!” – View Full Testimonial

“This is the most amazing and life changing team we have. My family is so proud to be with PATH and impact it has on our communities.” – View Full Testimonial

“Great organization!!! Great people who have the kids and family at the heart of all they do.” – View Full Testimonial

My name is John; I am 16 years old and currently live in a PATH foster care home in Bismarck, ND. I am a sophomore in high school. I have been in foster care since I was 13. I was also in Charles Hall Youth Services for five months. – View Full Testimonial